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Communicating with your Surgeon – Managing expectations, with Dr Jayson Oates

Trish Hammond: Hey all you listeners out there. We’re back again and today we’re having a talk with Dr. Jayson Oates, who is from Subiaco, WA and Crows Nest in New South Wales and Dr. Oates is a … an EMT specialist and he also is the medical director of Academy Face and Body and… Read More »

What are the appropriate qualifications for a practitioner? With Dr Doug Grose and Dr Eddie Roos

Trish: Hey everyone. I’m here today and I’m really, really excited, as I’m always excited, but today I’m especially excited to be talking to Dr Doug Grose and Dr Eddie Roos and they’re both members or Fellows of The Cosmetic Physicians College of Australasia. And basically, I know that a lot of us don’t know… Read More »

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