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In order to apply, you must be:

  • Over 18 years old
  • An Australian citizen or Permanent Resident
  • Make $25,000 or more per year and be employed or self employed
  • Have a current Drivers Licence, Passport or Medicare Card
  • NOT bankrupt or in a current Part IX, X agreement

The funds can be used to cover all medical, dental, lifestyle and wedding costs. We pay you directly and update the business, or help you find one.

You can get payment plans from $2,001 to $50,000 for a period of up to 84 months.

We will need a copy of your driver’s license and Medicare card (Photo card or passport accepted).

Regarding proof of income, depending on your situation, we’ll need to see:

  • If you’re employed: recent payslips and/or copy of your bank statements
  • If you’re self-employed: current Tax Returns and Notice of Assessment

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After you complete the easy application form online, one of our account managers will get into contact with you and will look after you throughout the whole process. Let us show you a little TLC!