Are you a Nurse or Practitioner? Are You Getting the Right Training for the Aesthetics Industry? A podcast with an RN/Student

Are you a Nurse or Practitioner? Are You Getting the Right Training for the Aesthetics Industry? A podcast with an RN/Student


Trish Hammond: Hello podcasters, I’m here today, we’re having a little bit of a different chat today. I’m actually speaking with John, John Filler who’s an RN and John has just recently done an online course with Aesthetics CPD, which is all about registered nurses getting their CPD points every year so that they can renew their registration. So welcome John.

John Filler: Hello Trish, thanks for having me.

Trish Hammond: Ah, thanks so much for taking the time. So John tell us about your experience? So you just recently did a course?

John Filler: Yes, I did.

Trish Hammond: Tell us a bit about it.

John Filler: I signed to Aesthetics CPD through a current friend, a contact of mine who’s also a nurse, who introduced me to it. Being in the industry for the past four years as an RN working in the capacity of an RN, I needed to do my continuing professional development points on traditional medicine. Just basic diabetes, heart disease, health management type of thing, which basically are not very relevant to my day to day work any longer, being in the aesthetics industry. So this course really sort of ticked a big box in allowing me to do my CPD courses in the industry that I’m actually working on, I’m actually working at.

So the courses I recently took were for instance advertising guidelines in the aesthetic beauty industry, in the medical aesthetic industry in Australia. I also took a course on the basics of skin and learning about how skin health is promoted, and how new treatments in the market are now impacting skin health. So it’s very relevant, very relevant to everything I do on a day to day. It’s been a very big help on my work as well because it’s actually adding on to my skills and the things that I learn day to day.

Trish Hammond: Of course, and what was it about the Aesthetics CPD that attracted you to their training? What were the best aspects of that training for you?

John Filler: Okay so once I got to the programme it was a very seamless transition from joining and registering to creating an online account, which I can log onto any time from my laptop or my phone. That portal tells you about your current courses that you’ve signed up for, and then the courses that you’ve already finished and the certificates that you achieve from finishing those courses. So it was a one stop shop for everything CPD related in my regular 12 months renewal process of my nursing licence, which I can just go to, log in, see everything I’ve done and then catch up if I need to. Or submit and finish my 20 hours per year requirement.

Before that it used to be that I would just randomly look for CPD points online or anything that was going on local to me and I would attend them. Wait for certificates to be mailed to me and then try to keep a good record of them so that come registration time every year I have my portfolio handy. So it was a lot of work, and it wasn’t very seamless at all, and it was very, very tedious. So Aesthetics CPD have made it really, really easy for me to manage that side.

Trish Hammond: Oh that’s awesome, and of course I mean it’s pretty important don’t you think that for practitioners and in the cosmetic industry to keep up to date with relevant training. Especially considering the spotlight that’s been happening recently on the untrained practitioner stuff. So it’s pretty important, isn’t it? To keep up to date.

John Filler: Definitely, very, very important. Look I think regulation is somewhere in the future of the industry and rightly so, because more and more people are going for treatments nowadays. The technology is getting more and more advanced and technical. They can do more and more things nowadays, and even if a lot of the treatments out there are non surgical. Someone who’s doing these treatments still needs to know what to do when certain side effects come about when a certain patient presents with a certain contra indication to a treatment. The beauty about the Aesthetics CPD course is that you know that they’ve been accredited by the Nursing Midwife Council and therefore all these course points count towards the registration process as well.

So it’s very comforting for me to know that I’m spending that 20 hours per year to learn about the new things, to keep up to date with what’s developing in my market, and in my work. That I’m basically keeping up to speed with the newest things, so I can tell my patients about it and tell my colleagues about it as well.

Trish Hammond: Yup, and one thing I liked about the Aesthetics CPD course is the fact that like they’re adding new ones all the time, but you can actually pick and choose something that you’re interested in. You just don’t have to do this because you have to get your 20 hours and you go, oh I’ll just do this random course. But you can actually select from a nice variety of things that you might actually just be personally interested in as well. Is that correct?

John Filler: Yeah, that’s very true. Look they’ve got a good number of courses nowadays on the website that you can choose from. If they keep it up, if they keep the courses up to date, if they keep adding to it and updating the website for people who are registered and logged in, then it should work very, very well for everyone moving forward. Because the last thing you want is for it to work well in the beginning and then for it to fizzle out slowly. But with the group that’s working behind it, I think they’re very switched on and I’m very excited for my next year to learn about newer and more things.

Trish Hammond: Yeah, totally. I think you mentioned before one of the best things is you can do it in your own time. Like you’re working full time so it’s really hard sometimes to go out and get the time during work to do those CPD points. But with this you can do it at your own leisure, ’cause it’s all online, is that right?

John Filler: Yes definitely, it saves so much time. Some of the courses now on traditional medicines are online already but a lot of them are working on, I would say very traditional platforms, very traditional websites. I think Aesthetics CPD probably developed at a point in time in history where technologies very, very advanced and modern, where everything is mobile. So it’s very easy to use the website, it’s very easy to log in, to go to your courses and to tick off the boxes. I couldn’t say anything wrong about it, it’s very convenient so far, at least for the first time that I’ve used it. I’m looking forward to using it more and introducing more of my colleagues to it moving forward.

Trish Hammond: Oh that’s great, well thank you so much John for sharing that with everyone, ’cause its something new so sometimes it’s hard to get it out there. So it’s really good to speak to someone who’s actually been through some of the courses and actually really loves it. ‘Cause that way you can share it with others that are kind of, might be looking for something that’s out there but they don’t know that it’s out there.

John Filler: That’s right, no definitely. I think once the word is out nurses in our industry will definitely flock to it because it’s relevant to them. It’s easy to use and let’s face it, it’s better to learn about things that concern everything that you do day to day, than things that you really don’t do anymore.

Trish Hammond: Well thank you so much John, thanks for taking the time.

John Filler: Thank you very much Trish, thank you for having me.

Trish Hammond: No worries, so listeners if you’re out there and you’re looking at Aesthetics CPD, you can just Google them or if you can’t find them on our website as well, you can go through the search engine. On the search on our website and just look up Aesthetics CPD, or otherwise just drop us an email to

Thanks very much John.

John Filler: Thanks very much. Have a good one.

Trish Hammond: Okay, bye.

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