Dr William Mooney talks about the importance of surgery after care and more!

Sometimes things can go wrong, and it’s difficult to talk about them, because it’s upsetting for everyone. Today I spoke with Dr William Mooney about the importance of surgery after care and post-operative complications. Trish: Good morning. So I’m here today with Dr William Mooney. And Dr Mooney is the owner of Face Plus Medispa.… Read More »

Communicating with your Surgeon – Managing expectations, with Dr Jayson Oates

Trish Hammond: Hey all you listeners out there. We’re back again and today we’re having a talk with Dr. Jayson Oates, who is from Subiaco, WA and Crows Nest in New South Wales and Dr. Oates is a … an EMT specialist and he also is the medical director of Academy Face and Body and… Read More »